Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Try this lateral raise-to-front pull. It's good.

Looking for a new shoulder exercise? Something that hits your anterior (front) and lateral (side) delts? Look no further than the November 2011 issue (wait...November already?!) of Oxygen. This lateral raise-to-front pull beats any standard front or side raises any day:

We did it in Circuit Sculpt yesterday and I can promise you that everyone was feeling it. I could tell by the looks on their faces...hehe. I hate making people feel pain, but I love it when I pick an exercise that really brings the burn. Sign of some hard workin' muscles, in my opinion. Some tips based on my experience: Pick an appropriate weight. The shoulder joint is somewhat fragile, so start light. Or lighten up if you need to. You'll still give your muscle an adequate workout. And keep that weight level with your shoulder when you lift it up. Any further and you'll cause unnecessary straining.

Remember, whenever you do single-arm exercises while standing up, engage that core and stand nice and tall. If you have to arch your lower back, your core isn't engaged and you might very well be lifting too much. Check yourself to make sure.

Try two sets of ten repetitions of the above to start and progress from there. Lemme know how it goes! And be sure to check in tomorrow. Seriously good giveaway coming atcha. Before we get to that, though...I wanna know: How was your yesterday? Good times had by all on Halloween? I wore some cat ears to the gym. The hubs and I were all excited to hand out candy at night, but we only got a few kiddos. Still, we had fun. We even carved a pumpkin for our punkin':

Two months, give or take, 'till we find out whether it's a boy or a girl! So thankful for all those holidays coming up. I have a feeling I'll need the distractions, 'cuz I am getting way too excited already. Two. Months.


Anonymous said...

You are adorable!

TARA said...

Thank you!

TARA said...
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