Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank You

Momma is tired! Such a great and wonderful weekend! I cannot believe how blessed Baby is. Not even born, and so many wonderful people love it so. I sit on the edge of my chair as I type this, surrounded by bags and bins of baby gear just waiting to be unpacked and organized. I might even be bouncing a bit—such a sugar overload, I did give myself! Me, I'm weak in the presence of:

Cupcakes! Two baby showers, cupcakes at each. Do these people know me or what? I die for cupcakes! Don't you? But alas, time to revert back to the healthy eating thing. (If only one could live on cupcakes alone, I'd certainly do it.) New week, new beginning. Two days of sweet splurges are behind me.

To every single person that made my weekend so special—thank you so very, very much. I say that Baby is lucky, but in reality, so am I. And so is Jason. We're one happy family, us three.

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