Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Introducing: Workout Wednesday!

I was going to save this for after the new year, seeing as how that's a good time for introducing change, but I figured that was kinda silly. So right here, right in the middle of November on a very unimportant day, I'd like to introduce WORKOUT WEDNESDAY to A Daily Dose of Fit. From here on out, unless for some odd reason I simply cannot post, I intend to give you a workout on each and every Wednesday of the weeks and months ahead. It might be cardio, it might be strength training. It might simply be a change or two made to the workout I posted the previous week. You'll just have to wait and see! Just know that it'll be designed to keep you moving, to challenge your muscles—but I can't predict what kind of equipment you have in your house. So if I call for something you don't have, be sure to send me an email at dailydose (dot) notes (at) gmail (dot) com for an appropriate modification. Let's get started.

I've designed the following to be a continuous series of movements meant to activate just about every muscle you've got—perfect for workouts on the go, or those days when you just don't have a lot of time. You could probably complete the entire thing, including your warm up and cool down, in under 30 minutes. So move from one exercise in the circuit to the next without stopping! No equipment required, unless you count a bottle filled with water. And you might want to have a stopwatch on hand, or at least situate yourself near a clock with a secondhand. All repetitions/time requirements are noted, and I'd like you to perform the entire circuit four times through. 'Course, you should take a 15-second breather in between circuits.

But don't start until you've got at least 10 minutes of cardio under your belt. Jog in place if you have to, just get those muscles warmed up.

Here we go:
1) Deep, slow squats with feet hip-width apart. 15 repetitions.
2) Hands down, hop feet back to a straight arm plank. Hold for 30 seconds.
3) Pushups. 12 repetitions.
4) Drop to stomach for Supermans, flutter your arms and legs. 30 seconds.
5) Push up to wide-leg squat hold with alternating calf presses. 15 slow repetitions per calf muscle.

That's it! Cardio before the circuit meets cardio during the circuit, combined with a little leg, core and upper body work. Be sure to cool down for at least ten minutes. Do some light jogging or walking.

And keep that core tight throughout the whole thing, mkay?

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Erin M. said...

Great article! I am excited about Workout Wednesdays!

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