Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart Rate vs. Hard Work (#Infographic)

Some people won't go to the gym without their heart rate monitors. Others rely on ratings of perceived exertion or talk tests, never once looking at their beeps per minute. While both methods help you keep an eye on the intensity of your workouts, your heart rate is really the best indicator. Here's a cheat sheet I found on Pinterest that will help you determine your "exercise zone":

So as you plan out and execute your workouts, take the above into consideration. See if you've been doing yourself justice. And remember, if the numbers above tell you all is good but you feel as though you're about to keel over—you truly might be working too hard, so scale it back a bit. The above, it goes without saying, is but a guide. So let it guide you, but don't let it rule you. Make sense?

Question: Do you wear a heart rate monitor or go by perceived exertion? If you wear a heart rate monitor, do you wear it for every type of exercise or just one specific method?

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