Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Workout Wednesday: Partner Exercises

As promised, I give you Workout Wednesday! This week, since many of you will be visiting friends and family, I thought it wise to produce a workout based on exercises that you do with a partner. Sounds fun, right? Sounds like a great way to catch up with those relatives you haven't seen in a while. There's bound to be one that likes to workout as you do. And if not, motivate someone to get moving with you! The following isn't meant to be hard,'s meant to be fun!

Equipment needed: Two resistance bands, equal intensity. You'll want them to have handles, and you'll want the bands themselves to be somewhat tight. (Rather, tight enough to challenge your back muscles.)

Do two sets of each exercise, 15 repetitions per set (unless otherwise noted).

1) Start with cardio. At least 30 minutes.

2) Band rows. Loop the bands around each other, then step back to form an X shape. Get enough tension on the bands, then row your elbows behind you while simultaneously squatting. If the X doesn't work, find the nearest pole.

3) Chest presses. Keep the X, just turn away from each other. Press your arms out from your armpits, standing-pushup style. Again, use the nearest pole if the X doesn't work.

4) Squat holds. Stand back to back and link your arms. Use your core and your legs as you slide with each other into a squat hold. It's like a wall sit, only the "wall" is your partner's back.

5) Single-arm bicep curls. Stand next to each other, holding one resistance band between you. Keeping your inside feet about a foot apart, step on the middle of the band. Proceed to bicep curl. If it's too easy, put more distance between your feet. Switch sides to hit both biceps.

6) Single-arm triceps extensions. Stand facing each other, hold one resistance band between you. One of you will have the handle in your right hand, the other will have it in the left hand. Make sure there isn't any slack in the band, but don't worry about creating a ton of tension. Hinge forward, bending your legs to protect your lower backs. With your elbows at your side, press the handle back using your triceps muscles. Switch sides to hit both triceps.

7) High-five squat jumps. Face each other, squat down, then jump up and clap hands. Repeat.

8) Patty Cake plank. Get into a plank position, either on your forearms or with straight arms. (Make sure there is arm's length distance between you.) Reach out and clap your right hands together, repeating with your left until the desired time is up. Try 30 seconds to start, and make sure you keep those hips/shoulders/ankles in one straight line despite the arm movement.

And that's it! Just make sure you stretch.

Note: If you missed out on last week's Workout Wednesday, click on "Workout Wednesday" under "Topics" at right. As we progress, it'll be your one-shot ticket to all the Workout Wednesday goodness.

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