Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby Shower Weekend

Channel your inner Britney and sing along with me for two short seconds: "Oh,, baby!" You know how it goes, pig tails and schoolgirl outfit aside. I'd have you sing "hit me baby one more time" as well, but that's really only a verse I should be singing—it's my innards that are takin' the punchin'. It's OK, though. I like it. And I already like this weekend. It's baby shower weekend! I have two (count them) two showers this weekend! Baby is so lucky. So many people love it and it isn't even born yet! For example, my dad brought this adorable onesie home from a race he recently cycled in:

Picture it with jean shorts or a fluffy little jean skirt. Adorbs!

I really hope my kid likes to be active—judging by his/her activity levels right now, I'd say we're on our way to being just that. Can't wait to buy that first little tricycle. I had one when I was little, did you?

Since we're obviously making this a baby post, I thought I'd give you a quick glimpse inside the nursery. We got the glider last weekend, and we finally have both sets of bedding in the house:

I'm seriously loving the gray! The chair itself is a perfect shade of it, slightly darker than the wall which avoids any monotone action. The bedding will be adorable, either way. And just yesterday, a bookcase arrived from IKEA.

'Course I had to get right to putting it together. Baby already has quite the library!  If you know us, you wouldn't expect anything less of our child. Big readers, we are. (I'm sure this is the most organized it will ever be.)And if you're wondering about the mysterious gray's a baby book! I couldn't find one I liked in the stores, so I channeled my crafty side and made one myself. I think it'll be the extent of my scrapbooking adventures. I much prefer putting pictures in photo albums. So much easier.

With that, I leave you to your weekend. Time to take my bump to the parties. One today, one tomorrow. Hooray!

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