Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do you have an "elephant appetite"?

Good quote, right? I definitely suffer from the almighty "elephant appetite," and I certainly notice a difference when I haven't been working out. The hunger levels don't necessarily change, but my cravings do. I tend to gravitate toward foods that I haven't had in a while, foods that satisfy my need to eat but not necessarily my need to fuel my body. Which is the approach I typically take when I'm working out regularly. I eat to support an active and healthy lifestyle. And what I eat complements my fitness routine. So it truly is a "win-win" situation, because if I keep my fitness routine constant then I can continue to burn fat and calories, improve my circulation, regulate my crapping...basically, I can accomplish everything that the quote above implies.

It's good stuff, that whole working out thing.
This was good stuff, too:

A "fried" egg sandwich. I often get so involved in my try-new-recipes thing that I forget to go back to the simple meals that really make a difference. Eggs are so cheap and so easy to keep on-hand that we buy them almost every week. They usually get scrambled, but for some reason, I thought to fry 'em instead. With just a touch of natural butter and a small poke to the yolk ('cuz I hate when it's runny), I had myself a perfect little egg patty. Between two slices of whole wheat bread and with lettuce, tomato, red onion and Swiss cheese—it became the best sandwich I've had in a really long time.

Question: What is your favorite "simple" meal?

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