Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just love Thanksgiving. Aside from the time spent with family, I can't get enough stuffing and turkey. Sometimes I even eat the cranberries. Yes, the cranberries that come out of a can. And let's not forget about the pumpkin bars! I love my mom for making me pumpkin bars every year, whether or not we celebrate the holiday at their house. She has to in the name of tradition. And it's my special birthday treat—yes, today is my birthday. If there are pumpkin bars at your table, please eat one for me. You've earned a cheat. Er, treat... remember, you don't have to "diet" today. You just have to make smart choices. There is a difference.

If you're heading out tomorrow for some Black Friday fun, channel your ability to breathe deeply when the crowds get rowdy. 'Cuz they will be. Wear your walking shoes so you can buzz right by all the slowpokes. And if you need to, throw an elbow or two to get 'em out of your way.

Just kidding on that last suggestion, of course. Be nice! (Santa is officially watching you.)


Lauren said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday! :)

Kristy said...

Have a very Happy Birthday and a yummy Thanksgiving. See ya at the gym soon.

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