Sunday, November 7, 2010

You lucky duck, you.

There are people out there who don't believe in luck and I don't blame them. It can be a funny thing. So funny, that some might take it seriously. Really seriously. Me, I find myself somewhere in between. See a penny, pick it up? Sure, I'll take a shot at "all day long you'll have good luck." But I won't run out right then and there for a lottery ticket.

Luck often goes hand-in-hand with superstitions. Do I believe in the power of a black cat? No, but do I feel weird when I don't wear my favorite bracelet? Maybe a little.

So why all this talk about luck? The October issue of Fitness points out research that talks about having good luck charms in the gym, and that people who had them "felt more confident and performed better than those who didn't." Interesting, right? I thought so, which is why I was thrilled to find yet another article on luck in the November issue of Women's Health. And I quote:

The article also confirms what Fitness already said. That good luck charms can enhance performance, mostly because they increase confidence and security. And when we're confident and secure, what do we do? We try harder because we believe that we can accomplish the task at hand. We push through those last few miles or that last set of pushups. Or we find the discipline we need to stay on the step machine for thirty minutes. So don't be ashamed when you find yourself reaching for a certain pair of socks, a favorite tank or your best sports bra. Or maybe that one good water bottle. It's your good luck charm. Want to know what mine are?

My favorite bracelet. A gift from my mother and a sign of eternity—because certain things can, and should last forever. (Note the stopwatch! I got 45 minutes of cardio in yesterday...feelin' better, I'm feelin' better!)

My Saint Mary's ring. A constant reminder that hard work pays off.

My heart necklace. It took some discipline in college to save up for it, and I'm very proud of that. When I doubt myself, I look at my necklace and know that I can do it. Whatever "it" may be.

These things might not have the physical power to make me accomplish whatever it is I want to accomplish that day in the gym (or wherever, really)—but they remind me of that power within me. And it's that power within me, when I harness that power, that's what helps me overcome obstacles in the gym. And that's how your good luck charms work, too. Don't ya think?

Perhaps you feel it's a load of bunk, but I say go with it. Whatever inspires you to work harder at living the fit life, seriously go with it. These material things, these good luck charms...can't hurt, right?

Question: What's your good luck charm? And do you have it with you at the gym?

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