Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabulously Fit Furniture

How many of you exercise at home? And when you do, do you incorporate your furniture? If I'm not at the gym, I usually turn to our chairs and coffee table for things like triceps dips, inclined/declined pushups, single-leg lunges and step-ups. But really, who wants to step up onto a coffee table...and I really don't want to put my shoes all over my nice comfortable chairs. So it's not optimal, but it does work.

If only I had this furniture:

I came across these "multi-functional" furniture pieces while surfing Apartment Therapy, which will probably always be one of my most favorite websites. Clearly you can see why! I mean, "furniture pieces designed specially for stretching your body and easy exercising"? Genius. Lucie Koldova (the designer) is a true genius. On her website, she explains that "the dimensions of the furniture are optimised in order to serve both functions well." That the furniture "will be attractive to an active demographic." And I think she got that right, though the modernist look and feel may be a bit too much for those of us with more traditional environments. But still, this stuff is awesome and I would love to have something like it in my home. But until then, I"ll keep going to the gym.  And since it's Monday, I'm probably already there!  Question: Are there any pieces of furniture in your home that get used for fitness-related reasons?

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