Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Running Shoes, Same Ol' Playlist

I can't say for sure whether it's the leather or the glue, but I certainly dig the way a new pair of running shoes hits the nose. That's weird, right? Maybe not. I mean, some people like the way a new car smells. And while I enjoy that smell as well, nothing tops the smell of new running shoes. I think it takes me back to my twelve years of cheerleading—and consequently, twelve years of new cheerleading shoes. While I do still have the very last pair I purchased in college, I won't soon be replacing them. But I did just replace my running shoes.

They're Nike Dual Fusion High Performance running shoes. And they're black—never in my life have I ever owned a pair of black running shoes. I always thought they looked goofy, but I'm kinda diggin' the black in this case. Plus, hello. Couldn't pass up the hot pinkness. But it wasn't all about how they looked because these shoes are particularly comfy cozy as well. Very lightweight, great arch support. My only complaint? No home for my Nike + chip. But I'll get over it and continue stickin' the thing into my sock, which really works just fine. (It just has to be in the right spot, otherwise the laces make it dig into the top of my foot. And that doesn't feel too good, which is something I found out the hard way.)

Funny how I went from Nike to Adidas, and now I'm back to Nike again. I tend to flip-flop like that. Do you? Remember, it's time for new shoes when the tread runs flat. Or if anything on the shoe pulls or tears in a way that it shouldn't. Yes, they're expensive. But they can be worth every penny if you find (and take care of) the right pair. No washing machines, no dryers. Just spot cleaning and air drying.

But that's enough about my shoes—it's time to talk about music. I realized today that my Circuit Sculpt playlists are getting quite repetitive. I have six, and in my opinion, this is my best:

A little bit of old, a little bit of new. Something for everyone, right? I think music plays a big role in one's fit life. It becomes your best friend, quietly (or loudly) whispering into your ear words of encouragement. Well, something like words of encouragement. I guess at the very least, music inspires us to move. And the more we move at the gym (or on the sidewalk, really...wherever), the better we feel at the end of our session. So I want to get my playlists right. And I want to keep them fresh in the sense that I'm not playing the same music over and over. It's hard, really. Certain songs just aren't fast enough. And certain songs in my collection aren't necessarily friendly for all. I guess maybe I should start buying the radio edits. But then again, we're all adults. Right? Such a fine line.

I have, however, gotten some major compliments on my music. So I guess I'm doing something right.

Question: If you could replace one song on this playlist, which one would it be and with what would you replace it?


CAR211 said...

Nice shoes, I have a pair just like them but in blue.

qwer15899 said...

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