Friday, November 26, 2010

And to this I say: Really?

 It's Black Friday, which means the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. I didn't wake up at the crack of dawn—(Target, 4AM? No thanks.)—but I will (at some point) head out to join in on the madness and mayhem. It was my birthday, and there's supposedly a free coffee waiting for me at Border's. You know I love me some Border's. And I've been meaning to pick up the new issue of Oxygen...but anyways. That's unimportant. What IS important, however, are the two "Really?!" topics I've chose to discuss.

For starters, The Situation has his own workout DVD:

I mean...REALLY?! I won't argue with the fact that the man has some pretty great abdominals, but is he truly qualified to star in his own fitness DVD? Turns out, he used to be a personal trainer. I wouldn't know that because I've yet to see a single episode of The Jersey Shore, but something tells me he's getting trained more so than he's doing the training these days. Just sayin'. Will I run out and buy his DVD? I don't think so, but some of his moves are pretty great. However, it's his witty banter that really makes me laugh. Or roll my eyes, depending.

Let's move along to "Really?!" topic #2.

I've had this great Nike running jacket for a good three, maybe four years now. It's my absolute favorite coat ever, and I wear it pretty much anytime I'm at the gym. Or running outside, obviously. It's not super thick, but it keeps me warm without making me sweat. And it fits like a glove.

And apparently, I can weave my iPod earbuds through a nifty little hole near the neck opening:

Yeah, a nifty little hole. And all this damn time I've been fighting the earbud string, trying desperately not to get tangled in it as I pump my arms back and forth during my run. I mean...REALLY?! It's been there this whole time? How dumb can I be. I always loved the pocket for it's ability to hold a key, but I guess I never paid attention to the lining when I put the key in the stupid pocket.

Well, now I know it's there. And you can be damn sure I'll be weavin' my earbud cord through it whenever I run outside. Which might not be that often as it's supposed to start snowing again. But speaking of getting outside, check this out:

Meet Kedzie, our new little sister! When Kylie died, we kinda figured my parents would get another dog. Eventually, though. Both of us were quite surprised to find we had a new furry sister at home for Thanksgiving. They rescued her from the pound, she's just about three years old. And we think she may have come from an abusive home as she's quite timid and shy when you reach out to touch here. Maybe she just needs to get used to us. Because really, she loves to be loved once she realizes you aren't going to hurt her. It's sad, but we're so happy to have her around. And she's a pistol on the leash! My sister and I took her out for a walk before all things cooking began, and geeze—she practically pulled us! We walked about three miles, and it felt good. Even more so because of Kedzie. Though we do still miss our Snookas.

And if you're wondering how my birthday turned out, thanks to all of you who sent me wishes on Facebook, through the mail and in person. I loved them all, and it truly made my day. Oh, AND:

I got to see Maria, one of my dear ol' friends from college. Love her for surprising me!

Question: Did you get any sweet Black Friday deals? What time did you wake up? And did you get any fitness in on Thanksgiving Day? 

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