Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be sure to eat healthy on Thanksgiving!

Well, it's official. Christmas has hit my gym. The red poinsettias were delivered last week and the maintenance team no longer exists. Instead, we have little elves scurrying about in an effort to set up trees here and there. Yes, we have a Christmas tree in the middle of our fitness floor. I love it, but I'm going to hate it until Thursday. Because really, Christmas starts only after Thanksgiving ends.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, are you ready for that 2,000-calorie meal? Yep, read it again. 2,000 calories. That's a lot, right? For sure, considering the average individual needs 2,000 calories across one day. Talk about gettin' everything in one fell swoop. But if you play your cards right, Thanksgiving doesn't have to ruin your diet. It really doesn't. Consider the following "rules and regulations," all of which help you eat healthier on Thanksgiving.

1) Start your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast. Think whole grains and fiber, both of which help keep you feelin' full. Hot cereal is always a great choice. Or a slice of toast. Either way, you can add in the fruit and nut butter as you see fit.

2) Start your day with a workout. A morning workout sets a great standard for the rest of your day. Crunched for time? Remember that every last bit counts, so put the cooking schedule aside and grab some of those out-of-town relatives. 20 minutes'll do ya...if that's all you can do.

3) Eat lunch! Staying on your typical meal schedule is a great way to avoid overindulging. We tend to serve our Thanksgiving meal late in the afternoon, which means lunch is a free-for-all.

4) Although this year, lunch will be a series of appetizers including pumpkin soup and baked Brie. If you find yourself privy to some tasty little treats instead of a full-out lunch, grab one of those cute little paper plates and sample the healthiest fare. Fill your plate appropriately, move away from the table and don't look back. Find yourself somewhere nice to sit and eat. Make it feel like lunch, and it'll become your lunch.

5) Watch your portions. Not just at the app table, either. Portion control is probably the most important rule when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. I mean, really...do you seriously need three giant spoonfuls of mashed potatoes? If it's on your plate, then you'll probably eat it. Go light, go right. Here's a quote from Oxygen to reiterate this point:

6) So eat slowly! Sometimes we inhale our meals, which doesn't give our stomachs time to communicate that they're full. Chew every bite, put your fork down between bites, etc. Besides—the faster you eat, the less you actually enjoy all the savory flavors. And let's be honest, Thanksgiving dinners present some of the best savory flavors ever. Am I right?

6) Offer to bring a dish if you'll be a guest at someone else's house. And make it a super healthy dish. That way, you'll be guaranteed at least one thing to eat that won't kill your diet.

7) Watch the alcohol intake. I know, I know...but really, alcoholic beverages tend to contain a large amount of calories, most of which come from added sugars. Not only that, the more you drink—the less you think. Which means we lose our ability to judge good foods from the bad.

8) Pick white meat over dark. It's that simple. And scoop the marshmallows off your sweet potato casserole. Oh, and watch how much butter you put on your rolls.

Translation: It's all about moderation. Which goes back to portion control, too.

9) Pumpkin pie isn't that bad! But don't be afraid to skip the pie crust.

10) Give thanks. I know, it doesn't really have anything to do with eating healthy, but Thanksgiving is all about this one special act. So of course it's on my list of rules and regulations.

Question: What are you thankful for? And what are you looking forward to eating at your Thanksgiving meal?

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