Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give your oats a break.

All the snow melted. Hooray for that. But it left behind a layer of bitter cold that puts me in hot-bowl-of-oatmeal mode. And as any lover of oats knows—they get boring right quick. Sure, you can play with toppings that tweak flavor, but when it boils (literally) down to it, you're left with that same ol' base. Oats, oats and more oats. They're good for you, yes. And you still love them, but your taste buds get to a point where they crave something different. Something that's still warm, still healthy and equally delicious. So try this:

It's quinoa! Say it: keen-wa. And it's oh-so delightful.

Not sure what quinoa is? A super healthy grain chock-full of protein, essential amino acids, fiber and iron. Gluten-free, too if that's your thing. And it works quite wonderfully in any diet well-suited to the fit life.

I made mine on the stove top almost exactly like I make oatmeal, only I used almond milk instead of water to pump up the flavor. I mixed in some cinnamon, then topped it off with a splash of almond milk, sliced bananas and some chia seeds. The whole concoction was slightly sweet with a crunchy texture. It was warm and filling—and I loved it.

So...go ahead! Give your oats a break and make a bowl of quinoa instead. I think you'll like it. And if you do, experiment with lunchtime combos, too. Quinoa can replace rice, and combines well with sauteed veggies and chunks of meat. Trust me, it's awesome.

Question: Are you a fan of quinoa? What's your favorite quinoa combo?


sweetiepie said...

Am I a fan of quinoa? Heck, yeah! Have a great quinoa pilaf recipe that's been a fav for years, and just last night tried a new recipe -- Quinoa and Avocado Salad with dried fruit, toasted almonds, and lemon-cumin vinaigrette as a side for dinner (and the husband loved it!)Never tried it as a cereal!

TARA said...

Holy yum! You must share this recipe with me! My mouth is watering. I promise you, you'll love the cereal.

Unknown said...

Holla back, quinoa!! Love it!

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