Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Jason: "Three decades, honey...three!"
Tara: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Jason: "This is the last day of your twenties!"
Tara: "Again, is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Jason: (Insert laugh and goofy grin here.)

The above exchange took place yesterday, which means that today—Wednesday, November 24—I am officially 30 years old. And honestly, it doesn't bother me. I'm kind of excited about it! I don't feel old, even though very small wrinkles are beginning to form around my eyes. In fact, I feel as if my very first birthday was yesterday. That glorious day on which my mom let me shove fistful after fistful of cake into my mouth.

Clearly, some things never change. (Well, sort of—I've taken to sitting on chairs instead of tables these days.)

I might not be a spry young 20-something anymore or a wee bitty baby, but I'm proud of every one of the 30 years I've accumulated thus far. Happy memories scattered throughout, indeed. And I'm looking forward to creating many, many more. In fact, this birthday is already turning into something special worth remembering. And mentioning. Just yesterday, one of my clients so graciously gifted me a bottle of red wine. And one of the girls in my Teen Bootcamp class—call her Flex (she loves it)—gave me the supersweet gift at right. I mean, is there anything better than a handmade gift from a kid? I love it! On the other side, a "Happy Birthday" message accompanied by an assortment of cupcake stickers.

Oh, and it was given to me in a bag that also contained a small variety of these:

Chocolate truffles from a little place I like to call Chocolate Heaven. Dear Lord, help my waistline when these are around! They are my absolute. positive. favorite bites of chocolate. I can't even tell you how much I love them. Really, I can't.

And I shouldn't, otherwise you'll think that my whole "live the fit life" persona is a big, giant sham. Let's just say I make exceptions on birthdays. It's allowed, right? And since the day is not yet over, I'm sure hilarity in the form of celebration will ensue. I shall report on anything you might find interesting, I promise.

Now go, eat something sweet. I'm 30, it's allowed.

Question: Do you have a favorite birthday treat? I love my pumpkin bar cake more than anything (except the chocolate truffles above, they're truly unbeatable).


Unknown said...

When I think of your birthday, I think of pumpkin bars! :) I hope it's an awesome one, and how sweet of Flex to make you that "T." Aren't kids the best??

Dawn said...

Happy 30th Birthday Tara!!

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