Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Surprisingly Good Biceps Stretch

For the longest time, I had the hardest time stretching my bicep muscles. Triceps were easy, and if I stretched out my chest just right, well...I would sort of feel my biceps gettin' loose. But it was never a deep stretch. The kind that really releases tension to the point of ultimate relaxation, which is a good feeling. Am I right? So I will never forget the moment when I finally learned how to target my biceps specifically. It was an "a-ha!" moment, for sure. And who would have thought that all I had to do was tweak a really common stretch that I had already been doing so frequently.

Follow along: Find a wall and stand facing it. Stretch your right arm out to the side, placing your palm flat on the wall (your thumb should be pointing up). Slowly turn toward the left, moving your left shoulder away from the wall. At this point, you should feel a stretch in your shoulder and chest muscle. (Get ready, this is the fun part.) Holding that stretch, rotate your hand until your palm is facing the floor. At which point, only your thumb will be on the wall. Feel that stretch move right into your bicep?  Yeah, you do!

I swear, when I make my clients do this for the first time, it's like their eyes just light up. I can imagine them thinking "oh, wow...yeah,, that feels good." Or something like that.

Was that your reaction, too?

Anyways, dreary day up here in Michigan. Seems like the sunny weather is losing the battle right quick and fierce-like. I'm forced to channel warm and inviting thoughts to keep up my spirits, and it helps to look at pictures of pretty pumpkins bathing in the sunlight.

Yep, we visited the pumpkin patch this weekend! I'm one step closer to trying out my hand at a batch of pumpkin seed butter. (The stuff is like $15.00 online, which is insane in the membrane!)

Question: What is your favorite stretch? Do you have pumpkins on your porch yet?

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