Sunday, October 31, 2010

And the winner is...

Meganne! Congratulations, girl...and thanks again for participating in my Element Bars giveaway. In fact, I'd like to thank everyone that participated. Keep reading as I hope to make this the first of many exciting giveaways. And Meganne, let us know what you think about your Element Bars once you get them. I hope your concoction turns out to be a tasty treat. (I'm sure it will.)

And speaking of treats, it's Halloween. BOO. Did I scare you? I think this day will always be one of my favorites. Past costumes include a witch, a dice, Superwoman, a witch...and a witch. Oh, and a Christmas tree which happens to be my favorite costume ever. Think green sweatsuit, battery operated lights, tinsel, a gold star and some strategically placed ornaments. Man, it was an awesome costume.

These days, I don't really dress up for Halloween and yes—that makes me sad. I do still get into the spirit of things by wearing black and/or orange. Maybe the occasional cat-ear headband. And although I'm much too old to fill a giant bag with candy, my mom sees to it that I still get a treat.

A floral treat, to be specific. (I know, she's awesome.) This year's arrangement was totally great because it contained a few gourds. And I do love me some gourds at this time of year. (Looking forward to carving out my little pumpkins before nightfall!)

And I can't go a single Halloween without watching this:

Let's just hope this nasty sore throat/stuffed ears thing goes away in time for November—who wants to be sick at the start of their birthday month? Geeze, not me. This is most definitely a treat I didn't anticipate. Perhaps it's a trick that will go away at midnight with the rest of Halloween. Blech. 

Question: What was your best-ever Halloween costume? Did you dress up this year?

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Unknown said...

YES!!!!! Can't wait to try the Delicious Defiance: and totally willing to share, by the way. :)

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