Friday, October 1, 2010

Proof that pumpkins are perfect!

Or at least practically perfect. Two days ago I ate a bowl of overnight oats filled with pumpkin, topped with apple butter and sprinkled with chopped nuts. They were oh-so delicious and as it turns out, doubly nutritious because of the pumpkin. And though I haven't gotten them yet (because it isn't time to carve pumpkins), I especially enjoy pumpkin seeds. When I was little, we used to roast them in the oven for later-on snacks. This year, I plan to try making some pumpkin nut butter. You'll have to wait for the details on that, and as you anticipate the recipe, I'll give you this: details on why pumpkins are perfect!

One of my daily blogs reported that pumpkins contain a whole schlep of vitamins.  Think C, E, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. And pumpkins are orange, which means they contain a lot of carotenoids. Otherwise known as antioxidants. But you may already know all of that, so here's where it gets interesting. Apparently, pumpkins "help the body get rid of parasites and other unwelcome digestive inhabitants." Huh. Who woulda thunk it? You can read the rest of the details here.

And before I forget, I have to share with you my favorite coffee, which I indulged in on the way to work yesterday.

Bean & Body Coffee: rescue. LOVES IT! And guess where I have to buy it? Yep. Whole Foods, where I buy everything that's awesome and good (and good for me). I don't normally drink coffee, just an occasional cup here and there as the craving hits. And I grab it not for the caffeine, but for the taste. And this stuff tastes delicious. Like the pumpkin seeds, it's also fairly nutritious. The particular blend I enjoy "invigorates the mind, so that you can be fully engaged with all the beauty that life has to offer." At least that's what the can says. It's all natural, and has very little sugar, so I believe it. Oh, and—it's brewed in Chicago. BONUS!

(Geeze, drinkin' and driving. Kids, don't follow my lead.) Anyways, this bev is seriously good stuff. If you see it in any stores near your humble abode, do buy some.

Happy to report I ran 6.88 miles today as well. (Gosh, maybe it was the coffee!) I ran from our house to Jason's office, which means I had to run across the drawbridge that links one side of the Saint Joseph river with the other. Am I the only one with a serious bridge issue? I am deathly afraid of crossing bridges on my own two feet! I can drive them no problem, provided I'm in the center lane, but ask me to walk (or run) across them...oh, man. It takes serious courage. I find it freaky. And today was particularly windy, so I was majorly concerned that I was going to get blown over into the river and subsequently taken out to the big lake, ultimately providing a bunch of hungry freshwater fish with a tasty dinner. You think I'm kidding! There's another path I run that takes me across a bridge overlooking the highway. My whole life flashes before me every single time I have to cross it.

Anyways, that's enough about my psycho phobia. At least it makes my run somewhat interesting.

Happy October! (Can you believe it?)

Question: Do you have any issues with bridges? Is there a point in your run that makes you really nervous? Am I totally crazy? And finally, how much pumpkin have you eaten already this season?

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Tammy said...

You're not crazy; you just have more of your dad in you than you think. I get a queasy feeling when I run over bridges, but as long as I don't look down I'm ok.

My running routes are so peaceful I never feel nervous. The only one that comes close to making me fret a bit is when I run pastthe water plant at ND. That is so loud and you know there is water gushing inside. I sometimes freak that'll it'll burst as I run by. Silly. I know.

Overnight oats? Recipe?

And remember. No pumpkin bars until your birthday.

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