Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get yourself a personal trainer!

No, this will not be a mad-dash attempt to convince you that it's time to hire me, but I would like to discuss the importance of working with a personal trainer. True, the fees can be a little steep—but the experience makes it worth every last penny. Consider the following:

1) Personal trainers motivate you in a way that you might not be able to motivate yourself. You have
    to answer to your trainer, you hire them to be there for you—and they are always there for you,
    ready to do and say what it takes to get you moving. And if you find a trainer you really like, it can
    make the workout fun. Remember, time flies when you're having fun.

2) Personal trainers bring exciting exercises to the gym floor. To stay certified, all personal trainers
    must partake in various classes that teach them the latest techniques. They learn more than you
    could possibly pick up from a fitness magazine, even though they do reference those fitness
    magazines on occasion. So every session can be different in some way, which means you might not
    ever get bored.

3) Personal trainers know how to tailor a workout to their client. It's their job to know exactly what you
    need...what, specifically, will work for you in terms of your goals. And if it doesn't work, your
    personal trainer will know how to change things up so that it will.

4) Personal trainers can jump start your fitness routine by showing you alternatives to your favorites.
    You don't necessarily have to commit to a hundred sessions, just one could pick you up and out of
    what may seem like a fitness rut.

5) Personal trainers can teach you proper form, and that ultimately keeps you safer in the gym.

In the end, remember that you are paying for a service. Talk to the fitness director at your gym and find out which trainer will best suit you and your goals, and if you end up not liking that trainer, talk to the fitness director again and let them know you aren't happy with the goods. Your trainer needs to be there for you and for you alone. If they are distracted in any way, it compromises your goals and your safety which means you aren't getting your money's worth. And finally, if your personal trainer recommends supplements—question them. Most personal trainers know that good results can be achieved naturally.

And speaking of personal trainers, this one stepped into the wind yesterday. Holy cow, have we been getting some heavy winds lately! Feeling restless, Jason and I went into town after dinner for cup of hot cocoa and some outside time along the bluff (cliff overlooking the beach, for those of you that weren't sure). The hair sure did blow all types of messy-in-my-face. Some pics:

Needless to say, we didn't last very long out there. And my hot cocoa gave me bellyache, which was a total bummer since I love me some hot cocoa on occasion. SIGH. That's what I get for consuming too much sugar.

Question: Have you ever worked out with a personal trainer? What was your experience like? 

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