Saturday, October 23, 2010

Healthy Living Blogs

This internet we surf is filled with blog after blog after plenty of blogs. Some are about cooking, others are about family. And some, never really know. But this blog, this very blog you are reading is about living the fit life. Or, healthy living. And very recently I discovered a community of healthy living blogs which I am now quite proud to be a member of.

If you look in the lower right-hand corner, yes...down there below my searcher, you'll find a new button. (HINT: It looks very much like the button you see at right.) Find it? Good! It will link you to Healthy Living Blogs, where you'll soon find my blog listed among a great selection of others just like it. And trust me, some of them really are super great. So if you get bored, poke around. But do come back for A Daily Dose of Fit, wontcha? I'll miss ya if you don't. Besides, I've got something great planned for you in the very near future. 

Question: Have you left me any friendly comments lately? Keep 'em coming! Click on the "COMMENTS" link below each post and fill out the short form. It's that easy, and I love hearing from you!

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