Friday, September 4, 2015

My New Favorite Sports Bras #fitnfashionable

Heads up. I'm going to talk about boobs today. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can totally jet and I won't be offended. Here's the thing: I'm a girl, judging by my analytics, you're most likely a girl, too. We've all got them, so let's talk about 'em. Specifically, how mine fit into my new favorite sports bras. It is, after all Fit and Fashionable Friday.

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Let me back up for a second. (Dad, if you're reading this, I'm sorry).

Before I had my two kiddos, my boobs were a nice C cup. I breastfeed each of my kiddos for a year, during which my boobs ballooned up to a D. In between, they fell down to a B cup.

Side note: If you are currently breastfeeding, you need to get yourself some sports bras from Motherhood Maternity. I loved them so much. As a working fitness professional that had to take breaks to nurse, it was nice to have a sports bra that literally supported me and my need to "whip them out" quickly and easily.

Now that I'm not breastfeeding, in comes the need for new bras—regular and of the sports variety because I've got itty bitty A cups now. Seriously, the boobs are gone.

my new favorite sports bras
This, however, is a curse and a blessing.

Curse: Because it's damn hard to find bras that fit nicely and make me look like a 34 year-old woman, rather than a pre-teen. Blessing: Because small boobs are so...much...more...comfortable in the workout department. They barely bounce.

Workout tank tops with built-in bras are my best (breast?) friend for classes like Barre Fit and PiYo Live. I wear this one (which is also the one above) from Target all the time.

PiYo Live, PiYO, Beachbody, FitFluential, SweatPInk
But when I run and/or otherwise jump around while working out, I like to have SOME additional support. Plus, there are cute tank tops that require the use of a sports bras simply because they don't have them built in.

Enter my new favorite sports bras.
Seriously, I'm obsessed.

Here's the first one:

Low Impact Sports Bra, Yoga Bra, Stripes, Fitness Fashion, Fitness Clothing, FitFluential, Sweat Pink
It's cotton, comfortable, and oh so affordable. I got it at Kohl's for $8...super steal. Stripes get me every time and the back detail makes me smile so much. Love when it peeks out from a loose fitting tank.

I would definitely call it a low-impact bra, though. So I don't wear it running.
When I run, I wear a Reebok bra. I have two different styles. Here's the first:

sports bra, running bra, fitness fashion, fitness clothing, fitfluential, sweat pink
It's the Reebok Hero Racer Bra and I  purchased it at an outlet mall by my house. I scoured the place for additional colors and patterns, but sadly they only had black...there's more on their website, though. It's so comfortable. And really cute on, considering I barely fill it.

Here's the other style:

running bras, fitness fashion, fitness gear, fitness clothing, fitfluential, sweatpink
This may look like just three bras, but hold up. They're reversible. Proof:

fitness fashion
I stalk TJ Maxx for them because that's where I've been finding them for around $15.
But I'd pay twice as much for them because they are super, incredibly comfortable. I can't seem to find them on the Reebok website...tons of similar options, though, and I'm sure they're just as comfortable.

Totally second skin.

Question: Do you have a favorite sports bra? What's your take on tank tops with built-in bras?

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