Friday, September 18, 2015

What do you wear at a mud run? #fitnfashionable

I signed up for a mud run. Literally, I agreed to run in disgusting mud. And overcome a series of obstacles along the way. I have never done a mud run before. I don't like mud or getting dirty. So this is the face I make whenever I think about what I signed up for:


Here's the story: Rockin' Refuel sponsors the Warrior Dash and they're hosting an event up here in Michigan. I'm close to the location, so they reached out to see if I'd like to put together a complimentary team. Why did I accept this opportunity if I hate mud and getting dirty?

Because life is best lived when you get outside of your comfort zone every so often.

So I'm doing a Warrior Dash. 5K with 13 obstacles. Everyone tells me this is a great mud run for first-timers, and I'm praying they're right.  Because seriously, first-timer right here. Rumor has it you can skip obstacles without penalty. These are two that I'm particularly nervous about:

1) "Under the Wire" Because crawling under barbed wire doesn't seem like fun. At all. In any way. I don't want to get cut, and I don't want mud in the cuts.

2) "Great Warrior Wall" Because I don't even know if I can climb a 14ft. wall that's covered in mud...and then, seriously, how am I gonna get down the other side?!

Yeah, I signed up for that.

I'm doing it with my sister-in-law and her husband, plus three people from work. To my husband, if you're reading this: I'm calling you out for not signing up with us. Yeah, CALLING. YOU. OUT.

So, now...will someone please tell me what I need to wear and bring with me? We need to discuss this. I mean, it is #fitnfashionable Friday. So...HELP! I've been doing my research. I found ten tips to a successful mud run and tips on packing for a mud run. I also pinned a few things to reference. All of which leads me to the following, so if you've got mud run experience, please tell me if I'm missing something:

Let's start with the shoes:

I wore these Saucony running shoes at The Color Run this past weekend. They're old and semi-full of color, so I'm fine with getting rid of them at the end. Nice thing is, they're still comfortable. As will be this outfit (including an old black sports bra, not shown):

These pants are tight on me, and I honestly don't like them, so if they get ruined...well, so be it. I realize that a cotton shirt might not be the best option, but thanks to Rockin' Refuel, I will be running free of charge, so I'm very willing to represent.

The Internet seems to be divided on whether or not gloves are needed.
I'm bringing these just in case:

Rope burns suck, and these gloves are old so if I end up ditching them it won't matter. I'm also packing a bag to check, complete with a towel and change of clothes. And some flip-flops since I won't be wearing the muddy nasty shoes home.

It might seem like I'm dreading tomorrow, and I am in the best way possible. I think it will end up being a ton of fun. I'm debating whether or not to bring a disposable water camera to take pictures along the way (also a point of disagreement on the Internet...some say not to carry anything, while others are grateful to have had a camera with them).

We'll see. (Can you even find disposable cameras these days?!)

Question: Have you done a mud run before? Specifically, a Warrior Dash? What tips do you have for me?

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