Friday, September 11, 2015

Recent #fitnfashionable Finds: Striped Yoga Pants and Gym Shoes with Flowers

It's Friday, and you know what that means: The weekend is here. Also, it's time to discuss a few #fitnfashionable finds. I'm all about below-the-belt gear today as I've got new pants, shorts and shoes. Up first, yoga pants with stripes (that look exactly like a pair from Athleta that I've been drooling over, but cost me nowhere near as much):

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Seriously. TJ Maxx. I should just stay away from that place. Everything is inexpensive, but it's like Target. You can't walk in for just one thing. I always leave with a million other things, but at $17, these could not be passed up.

fitness fashion, fitgear, fitness clothing, fitnfashionable, fitfluential, sweat pink
They are, admittedly, a size up from what I usually buy. But they're not overly saggy and I might try to shrink them. (They didn't have the size I normally buy.) If not, they'll be fine for training clients and teaching Barre Fit. Plus, they match my new black and grey work shirts.

I'm on a huge black and grey kick when it comes to workout pants, shorts and skirts.

I bought these booty shorts from H&M because they, too, match my work shirts:

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They also go with a top I bought from H&M a few months back. I haven't been wearing it much because it's been too hot for the pants that go with it, which is another reason why I wanted the matching shorts. Two outfits, one shirt. Sweaty back selfie:

PiYO Live, group fitness instructor, Manduka yoga mat, #fitnfashionable, fitness fashion
They got the job done in PiYo Live this morning.

They're a little shorter than the booty shorts I bought from Old Navy, but just like those, these from H&M stayed put. No riding up! Always nice.

If you haven't scoped out H&M fitness fashion yet, you absolutely must.
Such cuteness, decent pricing.

You can also get decent pricing on shoes if you buy the teen version. Case and point, these:

gym shoes, sneakers, Puma shoes, flower shoes, fitness fashion, fitnfashionable, fitfluential, sweat pink
I was at the mall last week and saw these Puma Carson Runner athletic shoes on a table outside of Journey's. I mean, of course they caught my eye. Flowers on gym shoes? YES. And the colors match the colors in our new logo (which is on my new gym shirts).

Price tag? $64...which was hard for me to justify. So I did some research online and discovered a teen version. When I hit up the mall again this week—seriously, I hardly ever go to the mall—I asked the girl in the store if the teen version would fit me. "Oh, yeah...they run up to a size 9 in Women's...if you're a 7, you'll be a 5." And she was right. Price tag? $49.

Now, I never tried on the adult shoe so I can't speak toward a difference between the two, but the teen version feels like every other Puma shoe I own and looks exactly like the adult version.

gym shoes, sneakers, flower shoes, Puma, Journey's, H&M, fitness fashion, fitnfashionable, fitgear
Super comfortable. Much adorable.

Question: How do you save money on fitness gear? Any tips? Also, what's one piece of fitness fashion you've been drooling over lately? Is there anything out there you'd buy in a heartbeat if you could? (Me, I'm still drooling over the black and white striped capris from Athleta...#wantsobad.)

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