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Simple Harvest Whole Grain Salad with Italian Chicken Breast #SuddenlySalad #MealPrep #Ad

Have you been celebrating National Whole Grains month? Yeah, they get their own special time of year. I kicked the month off with freekeh and now I'm here to talk about Betty Crocker's new Suddenly Grain Salads. I love whole grain salads because they're delicious, nutritious and hold up well in the 'fridge. They also make meal prep easier and can be incorporated into a wide variety of recipes, like this simple harvest whole grain salad with Italian chicken breast:

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It's true, I could probably make this from scratch without Betty Crocker's help, but sometimes, I'll take whatever help I can get. Especially when it comes to making dinner or prepping lunch.

Here are three different Suddenly Grain Salad options:

meal prep, healthy dinner, whole grains, salad mix, ad
Let's talk about the Harvest grain salad, though. One word: YUM.

So last month, we hosted a week-long open house at the gym to celebrate a few milestones. At one point, we served a light lunch to our members and guests. One of my friends said to me, "seriously...go try that salad because it's amazing." Never one to turn down delicious food, I hightailed it over to the lunch area and, well...I'm sure you know where this is going.

It was the Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad in the aforementioned Harvest flavor. I basically went and bought a box that same day (and then jumped for joy when this opportunity from Linqia came to fruition).

Say what you will about prepackaged foods.

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I get it, I'm super picky about the boxes I buy. But I'm also a super sucker for things that make meal prep even easier because #twokids. And this stuff does just that without breaking the calorie bank.

Did I mention it's delicious? Here are some Suddenly Grain Salad product facts:

1) Every box contains 4 servings.
2) They are meant to be served cold (except for the Tuscan flavor, which can be warm).
3) There are stir-in ideas and recipes on the box.
4) They contain wheat and soy, and possibly nuts.
5) There are 4 grams of protein per serving.

Does that protein count seem low? Don't fret. You can totally add in your favorite source of protein. Me? I used chicken because...well, because #chicken. I sprinkled it with some Italian seasoning and let it bake in the oven while I prepped the grains.

The grains had to boil on the stovetop for 17 minutes, so I used that time to blend up the dressing:

Betty Crocker, meal prep, whole grains, salad recipe, salad dressing, ad
Here's the thing: I have no doubt that I could recreate this whole grain recipe from scratch, and I most likely will at some point, but there's not always time for that. At least not in my house. And I don't always want to think about what I'm cooking, but I always want to eat something that's delicious and as nutritious as possible, which is why I dig conveniently packaged meal prep options that are healthy AND tasty, too.

I mean, behold. Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad meal prep with a Harvest flair:

Harvest Grains, Betty Crocker, meal prep made easy, ad
I put a serving of lettuce on a plate, topped it with a serving of the whole grain salad, and then put some sliced chicken on top.

Betty Crocker, chicken recipe, whole grains, Suddenly Grain Salad, ad
Yes, please.
Time to eat.

Want a bite?

If only you could reach through your computer screen. But you can't, so I'll just direct you to a coupon so you can get your own next time you hit the grocery store. Don't forget the chicken, or whatever your protein of choice is. And if you feel like getting creative, there are some recipes on the Betty Crocker website that look pretty delish. Currently drooling over a Southwest Vegetable Grain Salad...

Question: Is there room in your pantry for prepackaged meal options, or do you have a fresh-only policy? How do you save time in the kitchen when you meal prep?

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