Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Daughter's First #happiest5k

My daughter ran her first 5K this weekend. Hannah is only three, but she gets so excited about running. We have a short track at the gym, and she loves running around it. And when I come home with a race medal, she puts in on and parades around the house. So when I found out The Color Run was coming through town again, I signed us up and roped in her Grammy, plus two of her best friends and their moms, too.

happiest 5k, we shine, shine tour, color run, fitfluential, sweat pink
I mean, perfect first-time 5K, right? She absolutely loved it.

The girls wore pigtails and tutus and smiled the whole time. They didn't have any issues with the color powder, even when it got thrown into their faces. But I think their favorite part was all the glitter (and the pre/post-race dancing).

This year, The Color Run is on a Shine tour so it's all systems go for sparkle AND color.

And medals, too:

the happiest 5k, shine tour, we shine, fitfluential, sweat pink
Now, I have a strict no-kid-pics policy when it comes to Daily Dose. It's not something I do, but I'm going to make an exception just this once because this whole experience warms my heart and this picture is everything to me:

When I was pregnant, heck...before I was even pregnant...I used to see moms running with their little kids and I would always hope that one day I'd get the chance to run with mine. And this weekend, I did. I'm glad that she loves running. I know she's only three and I realize her feelings about running might change, which I will totally be OK with. I want her to chase her own interests, but I love running with my mom and wouldn't totally hate it if Hannah felt the same way about running with me.

Until she expresses a distaste for it, if and when she ever does, I'll keep making it fun. And when it comes to kids, there's no better way to make running fun than The Color Run.

This is the third time I've run The Color Run. Here are my other recaps:
The Color Run in South Bend was the #happiest5k ever.
#racerecap: The Color Run in South Bend. #thehappiest5k

Also, Hollie is recapping this week's Momentum Photo Challenge on her blog. (You can read last week's recap HERE.) Head on over there to see her favorites. And then visit her on Instagram to see who our prize winner is this week.

Not playing along? You totally should be! There's still time to get in on the prize action. It's so fun following each other as we do our best to keep our fitness momentum going at this crazy time of year. Here are the prompts (numbers reflect the day of the month) and HERE are the details. Share this on Instagram for an extra entry! (Follow me, too. I'm @adailydoseoffit!)

Question: If you have kids, do they like to run with you? If not, how do you share fitness with them?

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