Sunday, September 20, 2015

Momentum Instagram Photo Challenge, Week 3 Recap #momentumphotochallenge

So let's just make this clear: I survived the Warrior Dash and had a total blast! I took a lot of pictures on a waterproof camera, so when I get those developed (you know, the old-school way), I'll be sure to share. Until then, it's time to wrap up another week of the Momentum Photo Challenge! We are blasting through September, and if you're following #momentumphotochallenge on Instagram, you're getting some serious motivation to maintain your own fitness momentum through this crazy month.

Not playing along with us? Totally fine, start now!

Momentum Photo Challenge, Week 1 Recap
Momentum Photo Challenge, Week 2 Recap

And here's this week's recap:

Monday, September 14: Community

"Sometimes you have to create your own community. When I moved here and found that there were no child friendly gyms or activities for moms and kids, I knew I had to start a class! Our size has doubled since the first class 6 weeks ago and the friendships we have all made are so invaluable! " — @homefieldfitness

Tuesday, September 15: Gym Bag

"This pack has covered so many miles; soaked in sweat, rain, snow and burned in the sun. It is my aid station, comfort zone, super hero cape and I am not going to lie, I feel naked without it even on short runs." — @alisonfarage

Wednesday, September 16: Plank

"It took me a year to do a #plank without using my knees." — @ten_eighty_four

Note: I just want to step in for a minute and say that I specifically chose this image because its the perfect example that persistence pays off. Remember that when you're faced with a challenge you think you'll never overcome.

Thursday, September 17: Throwback

"Me and my original running partner. Plus the baby sis in the coolest old school jogger ever! I love sharing my dad's love of running!" — @homefieldfitness

Friday, September 18: Meal

"This is my last 'mini-meal' of the day. @chobani coffee yogurt, banana and hazelnut spread." — @idratherbesweating

Saturday, September 19: Fit Friends
"Here are some friends and they are fit." — @skortaholics

Sunday, September 20: Read

"This is what I'm currently on, and Amy Poehler is awesome." — @paradisem36

Head on over to my Instagram account to see who we picked to win this week's prize. They'll be getting their choice of a Momentum Wrap or Foot Notes (affiliate link). Come join the fun, there are still chances to win. Here's what we've got on tap for this week:

Monday, September 21: Water: Because we all need to drink more water, right?

Tuesday, September 22: Sweat: Or sparkle, whatever you want to call it.

Wednesday, September 23: Muscle: Go ahead, flex. Or just show us how you're using your muscle.

Thursday, September 24: Inspiration: Got a favorite quote? What inspires you?

Friday, September 25: Snack: Because who doesn't love a great snack?

Saturday, September 26: Fit Family: Show us what yours looks like.

Sunday, September 27: Love: Because it's the best, really. And we all need it.

Now, go...get snappin'!

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