Sunday, September 6, 2015

Momentum Instagram Photo Challenge, Week 1 Recap #momentumphotochallenge

Are you following the #momentumphotochallenge on Instagram? There's some seriously good stuff happening on our hashtag! All month long, Hollie and I are encouraging our followers to keep their fitness momentum going. It's a crazy time of year, right? Summer is ending, school is know. Life, man. It's bonkers sometimes. But we can't let it be a distraction from our health and fitness goals. So, here we are. Playing this fun game to keep health and fitness up front.

Week One was filled with great success. I'm so inspired by all the participants. Every entry has been awesome. Here's a look at some of my favorites.

Tuesday, September 1: Momentum

"Hard to gain #momentum sprinting at at 12% incline this morning, but I decided that it was going to suck (that's a given) and I put my head down and said I CAN, not I CAN'T and knocked it out of the park." — @thismamarunsforcupcakes

Wednesday, September 2: Goal

"Every day I do my workout and practice my pull ups. Everyday I try one. Because one day I'm going to make it a little higher, each time. And one day it'll happen." — @sweatandwine

Thursday, September 3: Focus

"Focus on my goals, my body and my mind." — @paradisem36

Friday, September 4: Fitness Fashion

"These days I feel like the workout clothes in my washer have exponentially elapsed anything else. But when I'm out and about, I'm still a sucker for a quirky running tank, funky tights or shorts or really anything #Nike! My soul shouts Just Do It!! — @jumpinjennybean

Saturday, September 5: Happiness

"#happiness #friendsandfamily #photowall" — @barkingmadrun

Sunday, September 6: Cardio

"My #cardio today consisted of chasing my munchkins and their friends in the bounce house. Happy Birthday to my two munchkins!" — @musclesandmunchkins

Instagram is the best.

One image, one story...all the feelings. Be sure to follow all of my friends above, and go find me on Instagram to see who won the first week of this challenge. We drew a winner at random, and will continue drawing one winner at random every week for the duration of this month. We'll draw one last winner to receive Momentum's newest leather bracelet, plus a basket of goodies hand-picked by Hollie and myself...and we'll draw this winner from a list of top participants.

So play along!
It's never too late to start!

Here's what we've got on tap for this week:

Monday, September 7: Relax: Rest days are important. Show us how you kick back.

Tuesday, September 8: Fresh Start: Labor Day get you off your healthy eating track? Workouts not doing you any justice? Need to redo something? Tell us about it (and then move forward).

Wednesday, September 9: Workout: Sweat, sweat and more sweat. #workoutwednesday

Thursday, September 10: Stretch: What's your favorite way stretch? Show us how flexible you are!

Friday, September 11: Sneakers: ...because we all love a good pair of shoes.

Saturday, September 12: Morning: What do you do when you wake up on Saturday?

Sunday, September 13: Recipe: Fabulous food is the best. Show us what you're eating, making, baking, drinking...or tell us how you meal plan.

I can't wait to see what you post.

Full photo challenge details can be found HERE.

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