Monday, June 17, 2013

Taper Week

Hello, taper week. I'm so glad you're here! Time to cut back on the miles in anticipation of race day, which is this Sunday. Chicago Women's Half Marathon, I see you.

We see you. And we're ready for you. We did our 12-miler yesterday, and we did pretty good. Here's how it split, according to MapMyRun:

We started off pretty good, but got progressively slower. In our defense, the route we ran got progressively hillier, which won't be the case on race day. So I think if we start off right and pace ourselves correctly, we'll come in right where we want to. Somewhere in the 2:20ish area. I clocked 2:21 and some change the last time I ran a half (four years ago). I wouldn't hate getting a PR this time around.

I'll just be happy to finish strong, though.
That's always my first goal, no matter the distance.

Two things I've concluded: I need new shoes, and I want a Garmin or Polar monitor. While I love MapMyRun, trying to get my phone in and out of my belt while running is no easy task. I do have a Polar, but it doesn't track distance, just heart rate, and I only wear it when I'm Spinning.


It's taper week.

Here's what I ate for lunch, because it was THAT GOOD:

Lettuce from the pots on my patio, plus strawberries from the Farmer's Market, plus salmon, other berries and cheese. And this awesome dressing:

Calling all lemon lovers!

Question: How do you taper before a race? Any taper week rituals?

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gallenth said...

its so beautiful and the dish is very nice and fresh, this food hep to burn our fat in body..

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