Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

Many of my fellow fitness bloggers are headed to Fitbloggin '13 this weekend—I'm super jealous! But actually quite glad I'm not going, since I've spent the past few days getting over what can best be described as a flu bug. Who gets the flu in the summer? This house does. All three of us, apparently. But I think...I we are turning a corner. I actually got up and ran some quick miles this morning at the gym. Three miles, all under eight minutes each. And so now that I'm exercising again, hopefully I can get house-maintaining again, too. Man, things fall apart quickly when you're sick!

Here are some race pics from this weekend:

Oh, wait. Sorry. Apparently my mom and I are not photogenic when we run because there aren't any pictures of us! I'm laughing so hard about this. Not that I love race pictures or anything, because usually I look like a big dufus...mouth open, sweat flying, limbs flailing. You know. But this has never happened to me. Those dang photogs always catch me at least once while I'm running.

Guess they didn't this time around.


Here's some Pinspiration for you:

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Give it up for Ralph Waldo Emerson (and my girls at the gym who gave this quote to me on a good-luck card before the race) for reminding us that it doesn't matter what the time clock says or how many ribbons and trophies you get. If you do your best at any given moment, the ability to say "I did my best" is reward enough. Right? Who likes to say "I did awful" anyway?  No one. So in that moment, whatever that moment is, just leave it all out there. Give it all you got so that you can walk away and say, "yes...I did my best."

Because then, you can totally be proud of yourself.
Stay positive, be proud—make it your mantra, friends.

Question: What happened the last time you felt really, truly proud of yourself? What did you do, say or accomplish? What "job well done" did you achieve? Inspire me...

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Cindy said...

Oh summer flus are the worst! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

adailydoseoffit said...

It took me about three days to start feeling normal again. All is well in our house now!

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