Friday, June 21, 2013

It's the first day of summer! (Plus, a #sponsored @PlanetBox review.)

Sometimes the calendar makes me laugh. I mean, it's officially the first day of summer, but kids everywhere beg to differ. And those of us who are finally, FINALLY getting some warmer temperatures might disagree, too. Summer starts when school gets out, or when you break out the flip flops for the first time. But if you go by the calendar, today is the day.

It's a bit hazy up here in Michigan on this fine Friday, but yesterday was glorious. Just like summer should be. So I'll give in to the haze and stay inside, typing away on this here blog. No harm, no foul.

But if it were nice, you bet I'd be going on a picnic. They're my most favorite summertime activity. I live in a little beach town with a nice bluff overlooking a beach on Lake Michigan to one side, with a cute little downtown to the other side. Perfect for picnics, if I do say so m'self. Sometimes we like to get carryout from one of the local joints in the aforementioned downtown, sometimes we pack our own food. Most recently, I've been using a PlanetBox lunchbox.

Disclaimer: PlanetBox sent me a Launch lunchbox free of charge. I received no other compensation to write the following review, just product. All opinions are my own, this you know.

Confession: I've only taken my PlanetBox on one picnic so far, and it was such a good time that I totally forgot to take pictures, but I've taken it to work with me on numerous occasions. See above.

And below:

I'm kind of a food snob in the sense that I like to pack my own whenever I can. Which is probably why I like picnics so much. You get the adventure of eating out without the temptation to eat where you know you probably shouldn't. We do that on occasion, but still. I like to keep it healthy. And on the flip side, taking food with me is sometimes a necessity. Like when I need to work through a meal. So, cool lunch boxes are right up my alley. Granted, this one is somewhat expensive as it retails in the $50 range, but sometimes sustainable goods are worth the cost. It'll last me, well...probably forever which is super cool.

Maybe Hannah will take it to school with her when she gets to be that age. (I can't even think about that, make her stop growing!)

Let's talk about the cute little "dipper," which is perfect for salad dressing and/or sides of peanut butter.

Notice the glass dish? Totally microwaveable and 100% sealed when you put the corresponding lid on it. Perfect for packing things that need to be heated, or liquids like soup or overnight oats.

Speaking of packing things, it's half marathon weekend. We're leaving tonight for my parents' house, and tomorrow for Chicago. Not sure what I'm more excited about: Going to Chicago, or going to Chicago to run.

Happy dance.

Question: Are you a food snob? (< I mean that lovingly.) Do you like to pack your own food when you go places? What kind of lunch box do you use?

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