Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Today

I am so dependent on the Internet. When I'm at home, I work from an iMac. When I'm on the go, I have my iPhone...that I sometimes use at home, too (even though I have the iMac). There always seems to be something to check and/or look up. Right? I can hardly remember life without the Internet. Except I can because I spent the last few days without it. (A girl can only get so much done on her iPhone, blogging not included.)

Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, you dead modem. How's it feel to be replaced?

A quick trip to Best Buy produced a new modem, which means the Daily Dose "offices" are up and running again. Literally, and also quite figuratively. Here's a recap of the past few days.


I had five miles on tap for Thursday, but ended up running just four of them. Not in the morning like I usually do, but post-lunch with my girl in The BOB. They were decent, I'm glad I forced them out. It was just one of those weeks for me. I was less than motivated to run. It happens, I move on. Or buy new gear:

Race outfit complete. My mom thinks it looks like something my daughter would wear, while my husband thinks it's obnoxious. Me...I think it's perfect. Bright, comfy...different. And about $25 for the whole outfit. Can't wait to wear it.


I taught Circuit Sculpt at 6:00AM, which is nothing out of the ordinary. We broke out the weighted barbells for chest presses and bent rows, which is out of the ordinary. I forgot how much I like to work with barbells. I can use more weight because we don't have anything above a 15-pound weight in the studios, which is what I typically use for most of the exercises we do. So I loaded mine up with 20 pounds on each end. Man, it felt good—It made me want to do some heavy lifting. I'm pretty sure I could press or row more than 40 pounds, but I so rarely get the opportunity to try. Curse of being a teacher, maybe?

I was just discussing this one of my instructors. How sometimes we, as instructors, get bored because we feel so cornered by our classes. Like, we want more, but we can't get more because of the equipment in the studios or the actual classes that we teach. And because we're each teaching at least four times a week, it's hard to add on individual workouts. Burnout is not an option.

Speaking of workouts. I got my personal trainers some new toys, one of which is currently at my house waiting to be played with:

I'm a huge fan of the original TRX Suspension Trainer. I used to teach TRX Bootcamps, but my schedule changed when I came back from maternity leave after Hannah was born, so I only use it with my personal training clients right now. I sub on occasion, so that's cool, but it's not the same as having your own class and leading your own students from start to finish. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing around with this Rip Trainer.  If it's anything like the Suspension Trainer, me-thinks I'll love it.


I finally got to the Farmer's Market, but failed to take any pictures. There wasn't much in terms of produce, but I did buy a crate of organic strawberries. Which I am snacking on right now.



Today. Father's Day. So grateful to have the kind of dad that is not only a father to me, but a friend, too. So grateful to have a father-in-law that treats me like his own two daughters. And I'm so grateful that my own daughter has the kind of father that would do anything, drop anything for his little girl. That's how my father was...and is. And that's how my father-in-law is, too.

My daughter and I, we're very lucky.
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Question: If you're a group fitness instructor, I wanna know how you balance teaching with your own personal workouts. What do you do when you feel slightly burned out?

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