Wednesday, June 12, 2013

60-Minute High Intensity Interval Class

A few weeks ago, I switched up my teaching schedule. I took on the Wednesday morning 6:00AM class, what used to be called "Morning Express," and changed it to high intensity interval training. I wanted it to be a kick-butt workout. The group that comes in at 6:00AM every day, they're typically up for and pretty much capable of anything. So I wanted my new Wednesday class to be something that would get their heart pumping, muscles growing and energy flowing. But I wanted to keep equipment use to a minimum. We have a lot of classes on our schedule that lean toward major equipment use.

Plus, I wanted people to understand that their own body weight is often all the weight they need to produce an excellent workout. Sometimes people get so caught up on the number on the weight itself. And strength training, minus all the cardio. People forget that strength training can be cardio, too. HIIT takes both and puts them into one, well...kick-butt workout. So here's what we did.

And now, I'm turning off my computer. Looks like there's some serious storms heading my way.

Question: What body weight exercise do you love to hate (besides burpees)?


Kristy H. said...

It was a good one. Thanks Tara. I do not like mountain climbers, (but secretly love burpees).

adailydoseoffit said...

Thanks for coming! My shoulders are sore today, yay!

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