Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick Kettlebell Workout

Tuesday is my favorite day at the gym. I start off with a 45-minute Spinning class, then follow it up with a 30-minute kettlebell class. I teach both, of course. And to be blunt, you want nothing to do with me when I am done. I sweat like no other in this short amount of time. It's a true testament to the power of Spinning and kettlebell workouts, really, whether you do them together or separately. So today, since it's Tuesday, I thought I'd share with you this quick kettlebell workout.

If you don't have kettlebells, you can always replace them with a single dumbbell. (Note: You'll have to modify the plank at the end, which essentially means you'll have to plank on the floor instead of the 'bell. In your case, the weight. Not sure planking on a weight is a safe bet.)

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Three times through, keep the pace a comfortable type of quick. You'll feel that heart rate rise up, but pull back if it reaches a rate that's not manageable for you. In other words—trust and listen to your body.

Sure, it's only nine moves done three times, but that's the beauty of a kettlebell workout. I call it my "quick and dirty" workout, because that's really what it is. Super quick, downright dirty to your muscles if you do all the moves correctly. 

Translation: You'll feel it.

If I could give you a Spinning workout, I would. But that's a whole can of worms I can't necessarily translate to Daily Dose. I wish I could, though.

Question: What is your go-to, all-time favorite fitness class to take?


Pua RF said...

I love circuit-style classes, and strength/sculpting classes... whatever gets me sweating! I wish our gym offered kettlebell workouts!

adailydoseoffit said...

Talk to the Fitness Director at your gym! Suggest they add kettlebells to the schedule! I'm a FD, and I absolutely love it when members make suggestions!

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