Friday, May 17, 2013

Magazine Prints Weight on Cover. Thoughts?

I love magazines. I'll never stop reading them. But it took a few years of working in the advertising industry to realize that they don't always speak the truth. They sell products and lifestyles—and they alter photos to do it. So whenever I catch myself comparing my thighs to those of the girl on whatever page of whatever magazine I might be reading, I have to remind myself that I am me. That I am happy and healthy, and I am not "Photoshopped" to sell something. Therefore, I am real.

But not everyone can draw that conclusion. In fact, a lot people still look at magazines and make comparisons. That's the society we live in. Compare, compare and compare some more.

Now, I don't read Allure very often, but this magazine is in the headlines right now for printing Zoe Saldana's weight on the June 2013 cover.

"115 pounds of grit and heartache," it reads. The star defended the magazine, saying that the magazine was trying to describe "that for a lightweight person I seem to be really strong minded." And the writer in me agrees with her. I think that's exactly what the magazine was trying to convey. Small, but tough.

Not a bad image.

But in this day and age, when so many of us have such an unhealthy relationship with the numbers on the scale, should the magazine be printing something like that? On the cover, no less, for all to see?

Let's discuss.


Jerri Cooley said...

I will not step on a scale. I go by how I feel. Numbers can make or break your day! Get healthy, not skinny!

adailydoseoffit said...

Love it! I'm the same way...I hardly every weigh myself.

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