Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pinspiration Thursday

I've taken back something that hasn't been mine in a really long time: My morning run outdoors. I absolutely love getting out of bed and pounding pavement at the crack of dawn, but for so long, the crack has come at a time when I've found myself well into my day. But now, oh now it comes early. Around 6:00AM, which is actually perfect. That's when I would usually head into the gym for a jaunt on the treadmill or track. But not anymore (unless it rains).

I am back to running outside in the morning. Dawn, I see you:

Getting up early to exercise is not for everyone, I know this. But it's absolutely for me. I much prefer to get my workouts over and done with so that I can enjoy the rest of my day. And I find that morning workouts set an awesome tone for my day. You'll probably hear this from a lot of people that exercise in the morning.

I have another reason for you: I love working out in the morning because it feels like all the world is quiet but me. That all the world is mine to enjoy. That these are my moments. Mine alone. I find peace in my morning runs—but that's not to say that the rest of my day is hectic or unwanted. Quite the opposite, actually. I just love that hour or so I get to myself. I get lost in my thoughts while simultaneously enjoying whatever it is that I'm doing. (Today, I thought about how I'd have seven miles on tap this weekend....I can't wait!) And I enjoy thinking about whatever it is I'm going to be doing later that day. (Like laundry, or teaching class...or hanging out with Hannah and Jason.)

Call me crazy if you want, but really, it boils down to loving the little things. The little moments. Which brings me to today's Pinspiration:

Speak French?  I studied it for five years in school, put it to use on a trip to Paris a number of years ago, and have since forgotten all but the basics. But I knew exactly what this sentence meant when I first read it.

Life is made of the little moments.

True, right?

Question: What little moment made your day today?

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Jerri Cooley said...

My moments of joy yesterday were when I got to run with my husband! I had many other "moments" but this was the best.

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