Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Pick a Healthy Snack Bar (#Sponsored by @PickyBars)

In a perfect world, we could all eat directly from the Earth. Fresh veggies every day. Proteins sourced from beans and other legumes. Some might eat the animals, too. Everything on our plates would be healthy. Natural. Free of additives, contaminates, fake ingredients and, well...other things not so evidently of this Earth. But in this imperfect world we live in, this is nearly impossible. Or downright difficult. Maybe even unaffordable. So we rely on our food industry to help feed us. And there are a number of ways we do this. One popular way among us fitness-minded folk: The tasty little snack bar otherwise known as "protein" and/or "meal replacement" bars.

Let's be honest, though. These convenient little bits of healthy—not always so healthy.

When it comes to snack bars, we are very easily persuaded by advertising, pretty packaging, mouth-watering flavors and blogs such as this one. You say it's good? Sure, I'll buy it. Come to find out, it might not be so good. Or good for me. Or better yet, it might be just right for me. So you have to be very careful...careful about what you read, taste and see.

Truth: I'm a visual girl. Pretty packaging catches my eye. But I've been had by the unhealthy snack bar in a pretty package, so I choose my snack bars wisely from the get-go. At least I try to. Even though they aren't "from this Earth," snack bars rule.

So today, I'll introduce you to one that I think is most excellent. And I'll share with you a checklist I go through that helps me pick out a healthy snack bar. Now, I'm not a registered dietitian or nutritionist, so take this advice as a testament to what works for me and do with it what you will. I'm just a girl who likes to eat healthy. If that helps someone else be the same, so be it.

Let's get started, and let's do so with Picky Bars.

I contacted Picky Bars to see if they'd be willing to send over a few samples. After reading about them online, I couldn't help but wonder if all the hype was true. The flavor combos tempted my taste buds and the nutrition stats seemed great. Every bar has "a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, slow releasing carbs for level blood sugar, minimal soy content, and healthy fats making up 25% of the calories." Proof on the package:

It's all about "real food balanced for sport," and whether or not you're an athlete you can appreciate food that supports both endurance and recovery.

People rave about them—but would I? I dove right in.

Yes. Picky Bars for the win. I'm not just saying this because I got some free samples: These bars are good. And very good for you.

What you see above is their "The Need for Seed" flavor. Different than anything else I've come across, it's base is sunflower seed butter which is particularly tasty. And look at those chocolate chips. See the cranberries, too? Yum. Just...yum.

Consider them recommended.

Once again, it's not all about flavor <—Although flavor does factor into a purchase decision. When it comes to snack bars, it's mostly about the nutrition it delivers. If you can't turn to something real for whatever reason, you have to turn to something real close to it. Here are the questions I ask myself when I'm shopping for a snack bar.

Really, what it boils down to is simply reading the label. It will speak the truth.

Oh, wait. You probably wanted to see this shot instead:

Despite the fact that fiber is a little low, the rest of the stats look awesome. And these bars taste, amazing.


Get yourself some. You won't regret it.
To keep up with new flavors, follow Picky Bars on Facebook and Twitter.

Question: What do you look for in a decent snack bar, and which one is your favorite?

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