Sunday, May 5, 2013

#ChiWomensHalf Training Update, Week 9

Here we go again...

Another week of half marathon training, done and done. I'm feeling a bit fatigued after today's long run. Most likely it's because of a Spinning class I took on Saturday—My gym hosted a ride to raise some funds for a new Autism learning center in the area. I couldn't skip it. I didn't want to skip it. Not only did I contribute to a great cause, I got to ride in a Spinning class. It's not something I get to do very often as a student. Typically, I'm in the lead bike these days. So it was good. Hard on the legs, but good.


Everyone was thrilled to jump off the bike and into a cup of Cho (not literally, of course).

Back to this week's running: My short runs were excellent. Outside at the crack of dawn, which is how I like them to be. I've been keeping an eye on my pace. I can typically up the ante for anything under five miles. Here's how it split on Wednesday's run:

When I get above five miles, I get closer to that 10-minute mile mark. It's more sustainable for me, really. Last time I ran a half, my average pace per mile was 10:46 minutes/mile.

That was four years ago. I ran  seven miles today and clocked in closer to the 11-minute mile mark. Not too far off.

In my defense, my legs were not fresh. And I was having some lower back pain, which always slows me down a bit. I can attribute the low back pain to some uneven sidewalks and bad transitions up and down from the curbs. Aside from that, and from the somewhat fatigued legs, everything is feeling good.

Still running in the Sauconys:

They've still got some life in them, and I am thinking they'll take me to race day, but there's always that concern that they won't since it's only up from here in terms of mileage. I'm beginning to wonder if I should invest in another pair of running shoes, just so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to break some in if need be. I typically have two pairs going at once, but my second pair...I just don't think they'll be good for the longer distances that I'm getting into now.

Gotta think on this one.

Question: If you run, what are some of the things you do to increase your pace? How many pairs of running shoes do you use when training? Are you good about changing them out when they wear down?

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