Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TRX Without the Straps

I was that person today. The one on the treadmill who couldn't be bothered to put her phone down for 3.5 simple little miles. I should have been focusing on my run—and I was—but I might have done better had I not been focused on my phone, too. Damn iPhone. I sent out a tweet. Searched for a video on YouTube. Clicked "refresh" in my mailbox a thousand times. Seriously, Tara? Yes. Seriously. I was that person today.

That's how much I hate running on the treadmill. But at least I knocked this out:

1) I run slower on the treadmill. Maybe if I put my damn phone down... 2) I'm not sure why it thinks I did a cool down. At one point toward the end of my milage it dropped my speed down, but I shot it right back up again so  maybe that's why. Machines. They're so finnicky.

And then I taught a TRX class. I usually just bark orders because Tuesdays are typically cardio days, but I had a small class and there was extra straps, so I joined in. And kicked my own butt. It's been a while since I've done a TRX workout. I'll feel it tomorrow.

It got me thinking, though: What if someone wanted to do a TRX workout but didn't have access to the straps? Would it be possible? I think so. I mean, sort of. You can't completely replicate what a TRX provides, but you can get close. Here's why: TRX is based primarily on strength training with an extreme focus on core strength and stability. All of the movements are centered around something that's quite unstable (in a good way, of course). Our core, after all, is what keeps us stable. So as you perform that single-arm bicep curl with a TRX strap, you're also engaging your midsection in order to keep yourself upright and unharmed. At least you should be, that is. In addition, your own bodyweight creates the resistance. And since we move our own body around on a daily basis, TRX workouts become extremely functional. Here's a closer look:

But, again, not everyone has access to a TRX trainer. (But if you do, I highly suggest you give it a go.) So I thought I'd throw together a workout based on core strength and stability. One that challenges your entire body, too. It's not meant to replicate exact moves on the TRX, but rather the essence of what those moves represent. Core strength, stability and strength training.

Be extremely careful and progress at your own rate.
Minimal equipment required and noted below.

In other news, Happy Tuesday!

Question: Have you ever tried a TRX workout? If so, what did you think? And what is your favorite move?


Kara_a_cullen said...

The treadmills automatically start a cool down at 30 minutes unless you add time to your workout down at the bottom in the middle of the screen.  I just realized that myself not so long ago!!

adailydoseoffit said...

Silly treadmills.

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