Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"I met my what?"

Are you uttering these words to yourself right now? If so, put your right hand in the air above you, bend it behind you and begin patting yourself on the back. You've accomplished what you set out to do, so forget about the future for a minute and acknowledge your accomplishment. You persevered, fine friend! Celebrate. Others are probably celebrating you. And while your new found feeling of accomplishment can last for awhile, it won't last forever—pretty soon you'll be itching for more. But you might not know what that "more" is. And that's perfectly acceptable. And normal. So let's take a look at a few simple ways to answer the above.

1) Celebrate. Yes, we've already discussed this, but it really is important that you take a minute and acknowledge your accomplishment. Being able to look in the mirror, check something off your list, raise a trophy high...important stuff for the mind, man. And if you really feel like rewarding yourself, don't hesitate to treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes. A delicious meal at your favorite restaurant. A new book or a weekend away. You're worth it, right?

2) Set a new goal. Or repeat the old one. Either way, don't stop 'till you get enough. Whether it's another mile, another minute, or another squat—do what you can to keep yourself progressing. For example:

Or make it 60 minutes. Just don't stop until you reach that next benchmark. You'll amaze yourself with the depths of your ability to accomplish more than you ever thought you could. 

3) Try something different. If you've always wanted to run and find yourself wearing out your treadmill or sidewalks, try running a race for a change of pace. Take your game somewhere new. Or maybe even try something new, like cycling.

4) Find new inspiration—or be the inspiration. If you've got a passion for something, share that passion with others. Now, I'm not suggesting you gallop around the world bragging about what you've done, but what you've done is important and if you can use your new skills to share with others how you reached your never know how your journey might affect someone else's. It's the ripple effect:

Source: Pinterest

Regardless, the end of an era is never a definitive stop sign. It's really just a point at which new beginnings emerge. If that doesn't inspire, or if that doesn't sound like fun...

I think it does both.

Question: What goals have you recently met?

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