Friday, May 25, 2012


I read somewhere that today is National Wine Day. I'm celebrating with a glass of rosé, and the fact that I don't like said glass is really just icing on the cake of my Friday. I thought it would be a fairly decent one, since I actually had time to put on some makeup before work.

I know, makeup. Silly that it puts me in such a good mood. But I'm a total girly girl when it comes to mascara and eyeliner and tinted moisturizer. I love playing with the stuff—but it's obviously not a priority as I go without it on most days. I do, after all, work at a gym.

So the makeup had me going, but I actually went downhill from there. Little Miss is cutting two teeth and wanted nothing to do with her daily nap so we played "stop the tears" for a good portion of the afternoon which meant that I didn't get much done. Rewind a bit to lunch. We headed downtown to meet my husband for what promised to be a pleasant little picnic on the bluff—in what town is it a good idea to have a Memorial Day parade at noon on Friday? In this town, apparently. We ended up eating our picnic on a bench on the corner of hustle and bustle streets because we couldn't get to the bluff. Not peaceful, but still nice to hang with daddy for a bit.

Rewind to 6:00AM. Before the makeup. The day is purely good, thanks to a great Circuit Sculpt class.

My workouts have been really spot-on all week. I finally feel like I'm getting my groove back. Someone at the gym said to me, and I quote, "you're just...just...(holding pointer finger and thumb up just a smidge apart)...this far away from your pre-baby body...just a little bit further to go."

I think that's a compliment.
It's a compliment, right?

Yeah, I know. I've still got some baby fat around the belly, but it probably won't go away completely until I stop breastfeeding—and I'm totes OK with that. For real.

Anyway. Here's a rundown of my workouts this week:

Not mentioned: This weekend's run. I would like to squeeze in at least five...maybe six miles. Next week should look pretty similar, although I'm contemplating a Tuesday morning yoga class. We'll see. I'm not  interested in overdoing it.

Speaking of this weekend, we're headed north to spend some time with family. It's supposed to be a beautiful few days, so I hope you get out and enjoy it. No, seriously. Turn off the computer and get out there!

Before I go:

Best of luck to my mom, sistah, auntie and friend who are all running the Soldier Field 10-miler in Chicago. Bust arse, ladies! Bust. Arse. Thanks to my own pops for comin' up tonight and helping us set up a sweet outdoor speaker system...definitely a great way to end the night. Also—don't forget to enter my giveaway. You know you want a food scale! And also, my favorite black flip flops from J.Crew busted tonight. Yet another winning moment from the day.

Negative Nancy is over and out.

Question: Anything happen in your day that might have driven you absolutely bonkers?


Ashlee Joy said...

I stumbled upon your blog in serious need of motivation and inspiration! My baby girl is due to be here in August, and I'm driving myself crazy with so much you've been covering with your blog. It's so comforting to see your story and progress with the challenges that comes from being a fit mom! Thank you for sharing!!

TARA said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for reading...and congrats on your bundle of joy! August will be here in no time. Until then, stay positive and keep moving!

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