Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Health Benefits of Yoga (#Infographic)

Now that my mornings are running a bit more efficiently (because someone is eating more efficiently), I find myself increasingly capable of getting to the gym by 8:30AM. While I always reserve this time for clients, I'm finding that Tuesday and Thursday mornings are usually left open—which is great for me, because then I can take two of my favorite fitness classes. Spin/Core on Thursdays and Yoga on Tuesdays.

So I took the Yoga class yesterday. It was the second time I've taking a Yoga class since my daughter was born in January. (Gosh, I love it.) And oddly enough, I stumbled upon the following infographic last week. I took it as a sign that I really, truly needed to get my booty back in the Yoga studio. May it inspire you as well.

Oh, and...insert hands in front of heart center here...namaste.

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JakeAlexander said...

I was skeptical of taking yoga and thought there was no real benefit. I then started taking
JGFit yoga classes and was proven wrong. My mind and body feel much more clear. Thank you for this post.

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