Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4 Squat Flip

Guys, I'm loving squat jumps right now.Does that make me crazy? My 6:00AM class would probably say yes, yes it does. For the longest time, I was unable to do them because of the baby bump, but I've been bump free for a while and so it's game on with the jumps again. Not only do they work your legs, they challenge your endurance—and they really, truly help you harness and increase all the power you've got. Come now, there's nothing wrong with that! My favorite squat jump variations include:

Wide Leg Squat Jumps
Source: Fitness Magazine

Lunge Jumps
Source: Women's Health

Plyo Box Jumps
Source: Shape Magazine

I also like to throw squat jumps at the end of my burpees/squat thrusts. But I recently came across this variation of the squat jump and after trying it once in my kitchen, I think it's going to be come a new favorite. Circuit Sculptors, if any of you are reading this, you'll be seeing it in class on Friday:

Question: What's your favorite variation of the squat jump?


Blsmc03 said...

You probably shouldn't give these types of previews...your class may be empty. Instead tell them you'll bring muffins! Ha! :)

adailydoseoffit said...

You're right. I was totally lying about the squats. I meant muffins. Big, buttery muffins! Come one, come all!

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