Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Crazy shenanigans underway over here in Indiana. My sister is getting married tomorrow so today was filled with last minute preps, like getting manicures...

...and eating cake balls. You should always practice eating cake, right? So bad. But so good! As if you'd pass up the opportunity to eat one of these:

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. You work hard, you eat live a healthy lifestyle. And you're human, so enjoy. Just, you know, be careful about the frequency at which you enjoy.

Early morning tomorrow. Bedtime.

Question: What's the last great thing you indulged in?

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Becky Miedema said...

Wow - I always thought that Aly looked more like your dad until I saw this photo!! Maybe it's the dark hair?!  And, um, those cake balls look DElicious!!!!!! Have a wonderful time tomorrow!! Congratulations, ALY!!!!!  :)

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