Friday, April 20, 2012

What happened to Thursday?

I call myself A Daily Dose of Fit with emphasis on the "Daily Dose" part. So when I skip posting for a day, I feel very guilty. Almost as if I'm not worthy of the very title I've given myself. And I feel as though I'm neglecting you, dear readers. You've been so good to me. Perhaps I should have named myself something else to alleviate some of the self-induced pressure to deliver. Or perhaps I need to just get over it and remember the quote at right. I do, after all, have a very busy life at the moment—that's not a complaint, just a fact. I'm sure you understand.

Anyhoo, let me recap Thursday. It was actually a very good day.

1) Work was exciting. I taught a TRX class, then took a roam roller class. We have a new massage therapist on staff, and she seems to specialize in foam rolling. I did some continuing ed on the foam roller, so I took her class to see what she's got up her sleeve. And to prepare myself, should she ever need a sub. If there's a foam roller class at your gym, do it.

2) Hannah took a nap for what could have been four hours had I not gotten her up to eat some dinner. I spent those four hours catching up on laundry and dishes, and picking up the piles of clutter I seem to be so good at creating these days. I had no idea how long she'd actually sleep for, so I basically ran around my house the entire time she snoozed. Does that count as cardio?

3) I went for another run! Three miles at a 9-minute pace, to be exact. I've got myself on a plan that should successfully prepare me for my upcoming 10K without a problem. Jason came home and fed Hannah while I skipped out for about half an hour. I use the MapMyRun app, which is awesome.

4) I caught up on my veggie intake yesterday, cooking up a big batch on the stove and totally making up for my lack thereof on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, there are Brussels sprouts in the mix. (Sides: BBQ pork and a slice of wheat with NuttZo...I know, random on the nut butter. I couldn't shake the craving.)

Can you tell which  of the above was shot in natural light? I'm pretty primitive with the photography around here. No light box, no fancy camera. Just a point-and-shoot and whatever light I can get my hands on. Fortunately, I get a lot of natural light when it's nice out. Unfortunately, the light in my house is really hard to work with.)

5) I whipped up some cookies yesterday, too. Jackie's strawberry oatmeal cookies. Except I forgot the baking powder and added blueberries. They tasted like muffins. The blueberries were clutch.

And that pretty much what happened to Thursday. Today,'s still going. And Hannah is still sleeping for what will hopefully be another longish nap. Just when you think you've got a schedule down, you suddenly don't. Fingers crossed she continues to sleep until 8:00AM every morning so I can continue teaching Circuit Sculpt. Did you try Monday's class? Regardless, I give you today's class:

Question: What is your favorite fitness class? And if you're a blogger, what's your secret to balance time spent blogging with time spent living?


Jonathan | WorldofDiets said...

I think that you need to plan ahead and create a time for blogging and a time for living: family, friends, having fun, etc. Only when you work productively can you really have a life.

adailydoseoffit said...

Great thoughts, Jonathan! This is exactly what I used to do, but the birth of my daughter added an element of unpredictability to my life that I've yet to master when it comes to things like blogging. But trust me, productivity is through the roof when she's napping...if only I didn't have things like laundry and dishes to attend to as well. Ha! And, no...I'm not complaining. Life is good. Thanks for reading!

Jonathan | WorldofDiets said...

 I can imagine how busy you must be. It's good to have a little pressure to "force" you to work more efficiently in your spare time.

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