Monday, April 2, 2012

Easy, Healthy Strawberry Jelly

Did you guys know that it's National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day? Yeah, me either until I opened my Google Reader and saw a few posts dedicated to these two great foods. Who woulda thought they'd get a day to themselves! But they do, so I partook in the festivities by eating a PBJ sandwich for lunch. But not just any PBJ sandwich. Here's the thing: I have a jar of Smucker's grape jelly in my 'fridge, but it kills me to eat from it because of the added sugar, so I typically reserve it for last-minute purposes. Today, I had the time to make my own jelly. No stove required. No added sugar or corn syrup or anything else destructive.

I used strawberries, blueberries and a dollop of honey. Take a look:

And seriously, all I did was mix and mash. Granted, the consistency was a tad watery compared to its store-bought friend, but I'll take a little water over questionable ingredients any day.

I also got out this little guy:

Hey, it's a holiday.
Why not get all fancified?!

I almost left these cute little sandwiches open-faced.

When I was little, peanut butter and jelly on saltines was my all-time favorite snack, and this is certainly a healthier alternative. I also liked chips and cheese, but it isn't National Chips and Cheese Day, if that even exists. So I put the tops on to create little tiny sandwiches.

Cute, little and delicious little peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches—how I love you! And, oh how I can't wait to make them for my sweet little baby girl when she's old enough to pack a lunch such as the above. Yeah, I'll probably be that mom. The one who writes little notes and makes funny faces with raisins. Anything to help my daughter appreciate the importance of a healthy, balanced meal.

I must admit, however, that the nut butter isn't of the homemade variety. I know...I'm totally cheating on my food processor. Sigh. It had to happen. I found myself at a Super Target this weekend, and I just can't get over the Archer Farms nut butters. So good and with only a touch of added salt, which means they're so good for you, too. Seriously—Archer Farms Almond, Peanut and Cashew Butter. Buy some for those days when you don't feel like making your own.

No really, go buy some. I mean, isn't that what Target is for? To buy things you really don't need but are so cool that you can't live without? Or maybe it's just me.


We can't let National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day go buy without dusting off this goodie:

Yep, sorry. Now it's in your head, too. Peanutbutterjelly peanutbutterjelly peanutbutterjelly with a baseball bat.

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