Thursday, April 12, 2012

Italian Meatball Sliders

I never stop bookmarking recipes. I've got pins on Pinterest, links to blog posts, a pile of printouts and tabs on almost every page of every Cooking Light that I own. I will probably never get to all of these recipes, but I do my best to try at least one new thing every week. And I've been meaning to tell you about one such new thing for a few days now.

Behold, two very delicious Italian Meatball Sliders. And with a healthy dose of protein and carbs, they're somewhat nutritious as well.

Head on over to Cooking Light and download the recipe. No, seriously. You need this recipe. I followed it almost exactly, substituting turkey for pork and leaving out the parsley.

Two is a single serving size, but it makes a ton—which is perfect if you like to prep meals ahead of time. And I supposed you could turn them from slider to actual burger if you wanted to. But sliders are far cuter, don't you think?

I'm totally drooling right now.
Did you download the recipe yet?

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Question: What's your favorite resource for healthy and nutritious recipes? Link me if you can!

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