Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Does skinny taste good?

I checked (wasted time on) Pinterest the other day and found the Kate Moss quote at right. I pinned it, adding "this is stupid" beneath the photo. In my mind, it promotes being skinny. That no matter how good something tastes, it's still not worth eating because it'll make you fat, and that the ultimate goal is to be skinny—I really can't see this as good. Food tastes good, as it should, but we can't pass on certain versions of it just to feel skinny. Food is our fuel, food isn't what makes us fat or unhealthy.

The decisions we make in relationship to the foods we choose to eat can wreak havoc on our waistlines. So if you're passing on food, it should be purely because it's not really the type of food you need to be eating. Not because if you eat it, you might get fat. That's too black an white because not eating, after all, is not the solution. Healthy eating is, and healthy eating can taste really damn good.

Now, let's be completely honest and true—it really isn't about being skinny. Remember the whole "skinny fat" theory? There's definitely a bit of truth to it. So it's about being healthy, active and conscious of the relationship you have with your own body because if it's a healthy relationship, it's a beautiful body. Even if it's bigger than someone else's body.

At least that's what I think about the image above.

Question: What do you think?


Lauren said...

Really like this post (and that you for commenting on our snack post) but disagree. Wording aside, I think feeling good in your body, whatever that means, is priceless. I adore great food, interesting flavor, cooking and tasting but it's all dulled a bit if I'm having a blechy day. This quote reminds me of Dr Gullo's it's better to wear Italian than eat Italian. A little humor maybe makes a similar message easier to take? Thought provoking post.

adailydoseoffit said...

I absolutely agree with you that feeling good in your own body is a priceless thing, but the emphasis on "skinny" in the above is what concerns me. What if I'm not skinny and I read this? If I'm sensitive to the issue, I might think that the only way to feel skinny (or to feel good in my own body) would be to eliminate whatever it is that I'm eating. Or to eliminate as much eating as possible since "nothing tastes as good". But we all know how wrong that train of thought is. When I'm having a "blechy" day, I certainly feel as you do, but I don't turn my back on food...only on the foods that I know aren't necessarily good for me. I run at the rest of it full-force, seeking out the best, healthiest options in an effort to get myself back on track with a really great snack or meal.
There's definitely a bit of humor to be had in almost any situation, I'll agree with you there. And thanks so much for commenting! I always love writing posts like this as I look forward to the friendly debates that so often result :-)

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