Monday, April 16, 2012

One Hour Circuit Workout, Weekend Recap

I taught my 6:00AM Circuit Sculpt today. First time in almost four months. Hannah sleeps soundly until 8:00AM, so I have plenty of time in the morning to wake up and pump, teach and shower before she needs me. I wasn't sure how that class would fit back into my schedule, but it does and I'm glad. I like getting my workout done early—and I really like everyone that joins me. Makes it easier to get up, really.

What we did today:

What we did this weekend:

We celebrated that girl, my sister. She's a bachelorette and this weekend was her party. We rented a house in the woods somewhere in Michigan. Yeah, eight girls in the woods. I won't lie and say we weren't scared just a bit. Or that we didn't consume large amounts of sugar via these tasty cupcakes:

I also won't lie and tell you we didn't consume large amounts of wine...

...'cause we did:

We also successfully started a fire.

Well, they did.

The rest of us watched, waiting patiently while thinking about S'mores. Make note: Natural peanut butter tastes really, super good on a S'more.

So what if I didn't exactly eat healthy this weekend, I'm back on track today.

Speaking of eating healthy. Remember when I mentioned Rise Bars a few days ago? They got wind of my words and offered to send me a sampler box so I could try the entire line...which is awesome because I can't find any other flavors in my town. So I was especially thrilled to come home to this on Sunday:

It's as if I have a Rise Bar store in my pantry.

Question: What's one thing in your pantry that makes you happy?


Ashley Bunton said...

I’ve been lurking for
a while now and figured I would finally post and say, hello! Love your blog! 

adailydoseoffit said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks for reading! So glad you said hello....

Certified Personal Trainer
Ph. (574) 274-3186

adailydoseoffit said...

Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for reading...glad you said hello!

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