Monday, April 9, 2012

Hip Press-And-Holds

It's friggen' Candyland at my house right now:

Mom, if you're reading this, I blame you. For everything but the Mint M&Ms and the Royal Dark Cadbury Mini Eggs. Both of which were severe moments of weakness on my part. They're just. so. good. I couldn't pass them up at the store. But anyway, I fully intend to execute the make-them-last-forever rule. One a day. Just one. If that. Be good. I mean, I can't very well throw out all of the above. There are starving people somewhere who'd love to get their hands on my stash, so how could I be so wasteful. Right?


And what if someone with a sweet tooth came to see me. Wouldn't it be so nice of me to offer them a piece of the above?

Ugh. Candy. My fit life nemesis. That which could destroy the efforts I put forth at the gym. You, too? Didn't think I was alone.

Anyway. This morning I got up and hit my ol' 6:00AM class. Trainer Beau teaches it right now, but I think it's safe to say that I'll be teaching it again soon. My girl doesn't wake up until 8:00AM, so that gives me plenty of time to teach and shower before the hubs has to leave for work. I'm excited. I've always liked teaching it. Simply taking it isn't so bad either, and this morning—Trainer Beau kicked my butt (literally) with hip press-and-holds (for one minute) on a stability ball. Sorta like this:

Try it. If you tell me it doesn't make your hams burn, I won't believe you. Just make sure to:

1) Wear shoes.
2) Get your feet flat on the ball.
3) Squeeze your glutes.
4) Maintain that 90-degree knee angle.

If you can't hold it for one minute, then just hold it as long as you can and work your way up.

Seriously, it's a good one.

Question: Do you keep candy at your house? If so, how do you keep from overeating it? And...what's your favorite kind of candy? It's perfectly fine to have one.


Kim said...

I don't have enough self control to not eat an entire bag of candy in one sitting, so sadly hubby and I threw away pounds of the stuff today. It seems so wasteful, but as hubby said: the mistake was in buying too much and there's no need to make 2 mistakes by binging on it (which of course I inevitably would have.) Anyway so that was my solution (or lack of?) to the candy issue.

The Mom said...

Your mom loves you and reminds herself to only eat one a day, too. Or two. Never three.

Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers said...

The Mint M&M's are killers, M&M's are my big down fall. I have a big bag that oddly enough says Sweet Shop on it, I got it from Bath & Body Works, and I stash all my candy in it, and put it in my linen closet, so when the urge hits, than I have to go and get it. I get lazy, so I hope for the craving to pass. Plus it's nice when my Husband asks for something sweet, I tell him to go to the linen closet and don't show me the bag or offer me any. lol My biggest down fall though is bread, bread of any kind. I love my carbs!! I need to go on an all carb diet, that would make me happy!

TARA said...

@Kim: Love hubby's theory.
@Jennifer: I need to have that bag! Tell me you just got it...

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