Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thanks for the produce, Earth. (#Infographic)

It comes around once a year, but really, every day should be Earth Day. Our giant ball of a space is the only place we've got, and there are certainly a lot of us sharing it—I'd say that's worthy of some recognition on a daily basis, you know how many of us humans exist. And we're not the easiest bunch to live with. Think pollution, landfills, deforestation. We are a very messy bunch. No wonder the weather gets so nasty sometimes. I'd get pissed, too if I was Mother Earth!

It's all about respect. Respect what she's given us and she'll respect us by continuing to give. Although it's getting harder and harder for her to keep up, evident by (among other things) the lack of water so many of us experience. Those of you that have good access (if you're typing on a computer, then that's probably you) need to be forever grateful of this gift. Trust me, bad water is really atrocious on so many levels. And there's a lot of bad water out there.

Also, there's a lot of bad land that is super unsuitable for growing produce. And you all know that I think produce is Mother Nature's candy. Full of vitamins, minerals and more, these little pockets of color that come out of the ground are little gifts of health. Some of us know how to work with the Earth to make an overabundance for ourselves and others, while some of us can barely get a single tomato (me) to grow. And while I'll always prefer fresh, local and organic over mass produced fruits and veggies shipped in from who-knows-where, I am a bit thankful that I have that option.

I couldn't, for example, grow a mango in my backyard.
And I really like mangoes.

Did you know that they are currently in-season? It helps to buy produce that's in-season as your chances of getting it locally are greater, but again, with things like mango and pineapple—if you can't grow them locally, then you have to buy them shipping in from afar. At least if you buy "in season," you know you're getting them somewhat fresh. Keyword: Somewhat. Let's face it, I'd rather go to Hawaii for my mangoes but it's just not an option. (Seriously wishing it was.)

Here's a handy dandy chart that should help you determine which pieces out of Mother Nature's candy bowl are currently in-season.

And since it's Earth Day, if you do one thing today for Mother Earth, remember the water that so many of our fellow humans can't access. Turn the faucet off when you're brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Shave five minutes off your shower. Do something, anything. It all counts.

Question: What do you do in your daily life to help preserve this wonderful world we call home? Recycle? Ride your bike to work? Shop local? Tell me...

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PB and Peppers said...

Great post!  Love the veggie chart!!  I love this time of year, all the berries are coming into season and there my fav!!!  Have a great day!!

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